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Atlantic Bubble - Fredericton falling for Luke Randall <3

Episode Summary

In this limited series on the podcast, Jo-Ann talks with Greens in the Atlantic Bubble about their provincial politics and the power of electing Greens provincially. All eyes are currently on New Brunswick's election drawing close to it's Sept 14 end date. In this episode Jo-Ann interviews Luke Randall as he runs for the Greens and hopes to win Fredericton North's heart. Learn more about Luke, his priorities and what it's like to run provincially in Jenica Atwin's federal riding! The excitement is contagious.

Episode Notes

Anyone in Canada can donate to and volunteer with the NB Greens!  Find more info on their website.

Check out Luke's Facebook page. And website.

Find everyone on Twitter!

NB Greens: @GreenPartyNB

Follow Jo-Ann: @JoAnnRobertsHFX

Follow Jenica Atwin: @JenicaAtwin

Follow Luke: @luke_candidate

And the NB Green MLAs...

David Coon: @DavidCCoon

Kevin Arseneau: @KevinArseneauNB

Megan Mitton: @meganmitton